Annina Ucatis

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Annina Ucatis
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Personal information
Name Annina Ucatis
Born 1978-12-22 in Bremerhaven, Germany
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Annina Ucatis is a pornstar from Germany.

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Das Busenwunder In The Bahamas

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Das Busenwunder In The Bahamas. German porn star and reality TV personality Annina visited SCORE, toured the building, stayed for an interview and then traveled to the Bahamas for this sex scene. Her love for having her ass plundered is evident from her intense facial expressions. "Porn is different than private sex but I don't think it's more exciting. It's different, and it will always be a highlight because there are a lot of people watching me and I like it, but I think my private sex is always very exciting. Being watched makes me horny. I don't know exactly why. I think I'm an exhibitionist. There is a man fucking my pussy or my ass, and people are watching, and this is unusual and exciting. About watching my own videos, I think a woman is always very critical of herself. I always think, 'Oh, no, how do I look?' and 'Oh, my God, I look bad.' I have watched them, but not often.