Dee Williams

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Dee Williams
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Personal information
Name Dee Williams, Darling, Sharon Darling, The Grappler
Born 1977-06-24 in USA
Nationality American
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Dee Williams is a pornstar from USA. She is the perfect whore. She is known for the incredible anal and lesbian scenes. She is known mainly because she works in the Kink and Insex producers.

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Hook Up.

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Hook Up. When Dee Williams was first talking to Matt before they met up, she told him she liked to "play rough". It is very possible that Dee didn't actually know the meaning of the phrase until she found herself chained up and bent over in his house in the woods. She'll learn quickly, though, as she becomes a living advertisement for why you should look into someone more before meeting up for anonymous sex.

It's not all bad for Dee, it turns out she does like playing rough, and every painful position and bit of torment gives her more pleasure. She particularly likes it when Matt puts the fucking machine in her ass and turns it on to its highest setting. Soon enough he's got her squirting all over the place and crying out in orgasm.