Sandra Star

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Sandra Star
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Personal information
Name Sandra Star
Nationality German
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Sandra Star is a German pornstar.

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Trailer Videos

Bathroom Bang. When Sandra Star visits Steve as he's taking a bath, she can't help but smile, join in and stick her big tits in his face. Sandra wants to fuck right now and she doesn't need to do much to get his flagpole up. There's plenty of room in that tub for a hard bang. It's trickier than screwing on a bed or a couch but Sandra's in perfect shape.

Sandra keeps fit to fuck by eating healthy and working out at the gym. You can guess what she wears to the gym. With her body, a tease show everywhere she goes is to be expected. Who'd want it any other way?

"I wear tight shorts and a normal top, but, of course, with my breasts, my tops are always very tight," said Sandra. "The guys at the gym will say nothing but they stare a little bit, but I like that. I like when people are staring at my breasts when I'm dressed to show them off. Some days I feel a little bit shy and I feel funny when people look at me, so it depends. Usually I like it. I love my boobs and when people look at them."

Three The Hard Way. Dellon got an added boner bonus besides his workmen's compensation when he screwed in Sandra Star's light bulb in "The Working Man's Ultimate Fantasy." As in Sandra fucked the pants off him.

Coming home late from a date with the show stopping Sandra, they find Dellon's bro Denis passed out in his apartment. Sandra's tits look ready to pop out of her low-cut dress and Dellon can't wait to get a lip lock on her pointed nipples. His snoozing buddy doesn't stop Sandra and Dellon from getting into bed and starting to mess around. A giggling Sandra is wide open to Dellon sucking on her big jutting boobs.

Just as Dellon's about to give Sandra head, Denis wakes up. He must have big-boob radar. This doesn't cock-block Dellon's action at all. Sandra's amused and she's happy to have Denis join in. She can easily handle two men and double her pleasure. Each guy gets to bone Sandra's ass too. The beautiful, bountifully-buxom blonde is very accommodating! What a babe!

Super SeXXXStar. As soon as Sandra Star sits on the bed and adjusts her dress, Steve and Angelo rush over to tackle Sandra and her titanic twin tatas. They've got boob fever, and sexbomb Sandra has lit the fuse in their shorts. She has a way that's irresistible. Each man takes a breast and goes wild on Sandra. Everyone is still dressed when Angelo sticks his boner into Sandra's wide-open, wet mouth while Steve eats out at the Y. Unlike most American porn studs, the European dudes like licking pussy. Sandra's blow job skills are always a pleasure to see and hear. She likes to make a popping sound when she sucks cocks. Here's a sex star who could teach a blow job class and other techniques. While Angelo fucks Sandra's tits, she guides Steve's pole between her lady curtains and into her pink hole for a hard-pumping dick-down, one of her legs resting on his shoulder. At the same time, Sandra is sucking Angelo hands-free. Then Steve lies back so Sandra can give him hands-free head. Meanwhile, Angelo fucks Sandra in doggie. They've only just begun their torrid three-way takedown.

Skintight Star. Slipping out of her skin-tight, lace-up mini-dress, Sandra Star has a quickie with one of her toys, pumping her pussy hard. After she's cum, Sandra makes a new dress with a roll of plastic sheets, wrapping it around her slim and stacked rack. She rips it to shreds and uses the remnants to rub her clit and lips for a second cumming. When Sandra wants to unwind on a quiet night at home, she'll have a glass of white wine and read a book (Paolo Coelho is her favorite author) or she'll watch television. She likes Daniel Craig movies. Sandra's game plan when we first met her was to travel. "I haven't really traveled so much, but I'm looking forward to seeing much of the world, traveling to different countries and seeing different cultures." Flashing forward to the present, Sandra's been able to achieve that goal, expanding her horizons.

Big Busty Birthday Present: Giant Tits Get Fucked Like Crazy.

Stud Sucker: A Gloryhole To Another Mouthful Dimension. Sandra Star is about to leave but what’s that? When she opens her door, there is another door, obviously hidden behind the one she usually uses to escape another boring office day. But this time, there’s quite a surprise waiting for her! When she takes a closer look, she notices a hole in that gate and seconds later, Lauro Giotto puts his dick through it. This gloryhole looks so inviting and tempting, Sandra can’t resist and takes that boner into her eager mouth. She starts sucking that dick for minutes while she takes her black leather miniskirt off. While licking Lauro’s shaft and glans, she starts fingering her shaved pussy and band forward, so we get a nice shot of her curvy ass. Soon, her panties come off and she grabs a chair to sit down. With her legs wide open, Sandra rubs her clit while giving Lauro the blowjob of his lifetime until he blows his cum in her mouth. That’s what she was waiting for! And DDF Network gives you some amazing Full HD XXX blowjob pics below in our hot photo gallery! Go, check it out!